A Digital Marketing Strategy That Is Purposeful. Planned. Positioned. Profitable.

For those that are truly ready to transform your digital marketing through a strategic, creative, and systematic approach to experience real success in the digital space.


We help service-based small businesses transform their digital presence so that they can claim the #1 position in their industry.

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An intentional and well-developed digital marketing strategy with good systems, frees you up to focus on the areas of your business that make dollars and sense for your bottom line.
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Would it surprise you to learn that approximately 77% of small business owners do not have a strategy for their digital marketing presence? Well, it’s true my friend! If you are here, there is a good chance that you fall within the ranks of small business owners that are posting without purpose and leaving money on the table.

Do you have everything you need in place for your digital marketing presence to convert content into cash? Do you even know where to start? No worries, I have a little gift for you! Download the Digital Marketing Audit Checklist today and see where you measure up!

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Mind Your Business is a Digital Marketing education company that helps small business owners develop a planned, productive and profitable representation of their brand online.

We serve people that are truly ready to shift the trajectory of their digital marketing through a strategic, creative, and systematic approach to experience real success.

We offer digital marketing education and consulting services to position small business owners, corporations, and faith-based organizations with proven tools and methodologies to scale and monetize their brand in the digital space.

When it comes to developing a strong online presence, our gift is the ability to see the big-picture and create something unique and amazing that represents your brand well, creates engagement and increases conversion.

For service-based businesses, we are the leading digital marketing company that helps them claim the #1 spot in their industry. Unlike other digital marketing strategists, we shift the trajectory of your digital marketing leveraging an approach that is tailored to the goals of your business using a proven formula that we know will give you the results you are seeking.

50 %
On average, this is the growth our clients see across their digital platforms after working with us
42 %
Clients that report seeing an increase in engagement, conversions & higher caliber clients after implementing the MindfulProfits Framework
1 years+
How long we have been helping brands and businesses increase their impact online

For the last 5 years, we have used a proprietary process called the MindfulProfits Framework, which helps our clients develop magnetic marketing strategies that increase online engagement, establish them as an expert and thought leader in their field…and of course lead to explosive profits. With our help, we’ve had clients who have experienced results such as climbing to the top of NY Times best-sellers list, sold-out conferences & events, and on average our clients see 25-125% of growth online within a years’ time.


The simple answer is: we want to see you win. It’s understood that your business needs an online presence, but only 23% of small business owners understand the need for strategy. Being there isn’t enough. The digital space literally puts the world at your fingertips, the world you and your business are called to impact – why wouldn’t you approach that opportunity intentionally and strategically?

Your business is probably doing relatively well, but we know with a strategy, a plan and great systems for your digital marketing efforts, it can be ah-mazing!

We have the recipe for the secret sauce you need to take your online presence from stuck and stagnant to growth and profits – and we are inviting YOU to the table! Developing great strategies and building brands that are in demand is what we do…you are already here, so let us do it for you too!

I contracted with Tisha on a rebrand and refresh of my website.  It was comprehensive, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn rebranding and a new logo! Tisha and the team helped me take my business and my brand to the next level.  She worked with me to embrace the social media aspects of my business and now I am hosting LinkedIn Live events, which helps to elevate my brand. It was the biggest investment in my business to date and it was well worth it.  I recovered my ROI in just 4 months!

Tisha knows her craft and her business.  She can help you “MIND YOUR BUSINESS!”

Gayle Guest-Brown

Executive Leadership Coach, Guest-Brown Impact


This is MY playbook.

No quick fixes, no fluff, no lofty promises. The pages of this book contain what I have used to help me craft strategies that propelled social media followings over the million mark in less than a year’s time, took books to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, saw movies that premiered with record-breaking ratings and became national trending topics, successfully “handled” viral digital conundrums with the same skill and finesse of our favorite gladiator Olivia Pope, and helped build the brands of some of our most endeared public figures…

And now it’s YOURS.